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How to Change One's Destiny

The following is extracted from How to Change One's Destiny (Liao-Fan's Four Lessons - English Edition)

Click here for the Chinese Edition

Do you know our destiny is not predestined and can be changed? If you encounter any obstacles and difficulties in your life, which make you feel miserable and despondent towards life, instead of succumbing to it and accepting it as fate, you can change it. Buddha taught us that through cultivation and practice of good virtues, one can be the master of our own destiny.

Liao-Fan's Four Lessons were written by Mr Yuan Liao Fan. Mr Yuan, a prominent high-ranking officer and administrator, was born during the Ming dynasty in the 16th century, in Jiang-Su Province, Wu-Jiang County, China, and he lived to the age of 74 years. These lessons were originally written for his sons, to whom he related that through cultivation and practice of virtuous deeds, he had changed his own destiny.

The four lessons for changing destiny are:

1. The Principle of Destiny (Learning to create destiny)

2. The Method Of Repentance (Ways to reform)

3. The Ways of Accumulating Merit (Ways to cultivate goodness)

4. The Benefits Of Humility









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