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Applying Your Personal Trigram (Gua Number)

After obtaining your Trigram (or Gua number), you tally it with the type of house you are staying in. A person with a Trigram 3 (east group) staying in a South house (sitting South facing North) is consider lucky as the South house belongs to one of the four east group category.

The house itself is further divided into eight sectors - four auspicious ones and four inauspicious ones. The diagram below illustrates the eight sectors of a west group house (Kun, kua number 2, sitting Southwest facing Northeast).

In the diagram above, Southwest is considered to be an auspicious location (Prime) as it represents overall harmony and peace. It offers better than average luck - a most favorable livelihood and strong protection against unfavorable luck.

On the contrary, North is considered inauspicious as it represents Death. This is the worst possible disaster or bad luck as it represents total loss of descendants!

These eight locations and its representations are considered static as there is no time element attached.

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