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About hiakZ

Owner: D L Wang

Trigram: Dui ()

Location: West, Singapore

hiakZ is actually a noise I made whenever I chuckle , use it practically everyday! So when I was scratching my head thinking of a name for the site, I decided to name it hiakZ, no other special reason, hiakz! Boring hor?

hiakZ is basically a site for me to practise my web programming skills (I hate programming!) and at the same time talk about my interests in Chinese Metaphysics.

Talking about Chinese Metaphysics, I'll have to thank George. He was the one who got me started. George attended this course offered by Singapore Feng Shui Centre. Everytime when there's an outting, he never fails to enlighten many of us on that topic. He mentioned about a book by Master Raymond Lo (also known as the Fung Shui Lo of Hong Kong). That got me interested, and during one of my visits to the Library, I managed to locate the book!

My very first book on Destiny is Master Raymond Lo's "Feng Shui & Destiny". Interesting examples on Feng Shui and Destiny were revealed in the book and of course, countless sleepless nights The more I read, the more curious I get about the subject. I was determined to know my own destiny and that brought me one more step closer to the subject - my second book.

My second book "Discover Your Destiny: Your Future Revealed!" was written by Ms Hee Yin Fan (a student of Master Lo). The book teaches you how to plot your own Four Pillars of Destiny chart (or what is commonly known as BaZi) and some basics of how to interpret the chart. The book translates the Thousand Year Calendar into English. The Thousand Year Calendar is a very important tool for destiny reading. It translates your year, month, day and time of birth into 4 pairs of Chinese characters (total 8 characters). Through the book, I was able to plot my own chart, find out my stars of Romance, Academic etc .

My third book "Hsia Calendar" is written by a Singapore author, Master Vincent Koh. I have lended my Hee Yin Fan's book to one of my friends, Li Ping and henceforth, I do not have access to the Thousand Calendar. I thought it was time I invest in one, a good one. I was contemplating whether to buy a Chinese Calendar or an English one. I still remember the hours I spent in the Popular Bookstore at Bukit Timah Plaza, deciding which book to buy. I finally chose the English one, which uses a very easy-to-use system to illustrate the Chinese characters. A website was listed in the book, belonging to Master Koh. I visited the website and guess what? Master Koh happens to be George's teacher (remember the one who got me started on Chinese Metaphysics?)!

I enrolled myself in the course which started early Jan 2000. The course "Basic Science of Feng Shui", conducted in English, is jointly organised by Singapore Feng Shui Centre and Singapore Polytechnic. My first teacher, Master Koh and about 24 of us, together with Nancy (Mrs Koh) and Christine (representative of Singapore Polytechnic), will gather in one of the lecture theatres twice per week, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm for our course. It was fun - er.. until we were told that we were expected to do group projects and presentations We were grouped into groups of four and every fortnight, one of us (Anson, Francis, Susan or me) will have to do a presentation on the topic assigned to us. I truly enjoyed the hours spent, not forgetting the sumptous tea break items which Christine ordered for us (spoilt all my diet plans leh!)

This course got me started on my learning about Chinese Metaphysics and I also got to know a friend, Chng, who introduced me to my second teacher, Master Sam Lai. It was through Master Lai that I learnt how to do plotting of Zi Wei Dou Shu charts using my fingers and palm, like a professional fortune teller. My karma with Master Lai was a short one but nonetheless, his invaluable guidance were much appreciated even up to today.

The skills I acquired from both teachers laid a good foundation for me and makes learning Chinese Metaphysics much easier when I met my current teacher, Master Peter Leung.

Master Leung is the founder of the School of Chinese Metaphysics based in Toronto, Canada. Like my fellow classmates who has taken courses from him, I like to address him as my Sifu which is the Cantonese pronunication for both Teacher and Master.

The acronym SOS found on his website is short for Simple Original Solutions and Sharing of Secrets. As implied, Sifu is a very generous teacher who promote simple original solutions. He is not afraid of sharing information with his students and whoever who asks from him for help. He never fails to amaze many with his rich knowledge in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sifu has always adopted a researcher's approach when it comes to the study of Chinese Metaphysics. When being presented with a new idea or theory, Sifu never dismisses any idea or theory without testing out if it works. I have learnt from Sifu that by dismissing other's works without trying or testing it out, we are restricting ourselves from learning more.

Sifu has opened my eyes to many subjects of Chinese Metaphysics. Reading a Four Pillar chart is no longer the same after attending Sifu's Four Pillar seminar.

My interest for Chinese Metaphysics surprisingly got stronger and stronger - this is a rare miracle for someone with varied interests but lacking discipline.

PS: Talking about discipline.. I think I need to start updating the site with more info right? Hee....

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