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Basics of the 5 Elements 

In the world of metaphysics, the universe is believed to be made up of five matters, namely, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These five matters are also referred to as the Five Elements.

Everything surrounding us, whether tangible or intangible, can be classified using any of the five elements; From shapes, sounds, colours to a person's attitude, character, body organs, sickness, living environment, family background, relationship with family members, romance, career, wealth, reputation etc. The list is endless. Everything, yes everything, is solely the product of the magnetic forces created when these five elements interacts.

These five elements are very closely related to each other and their relationship can be explained using the Cycle of Birth and Cycle of Destruction.

Cycle of Birth

Metal produces Water (when melted).
Water can help tree (Wood) grow.
Wood can help Fire to burn.
Fire can help to produce dust (Earth).
Earth can help mineral (Metal) to form.

Cycle of Destruction

Metal can cut Wood.
Water can extinguish Fire.
Wood can break the ground.
Fire can melt Metal.
Earth can absorb Water.

Basics of 5 Elements
Cycle of Birth
Cycle of Destruction
Yin & Yang
Ten Heavenly Stems
Twelve Earthly Branches
Establishments & Uses of Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches

Water Element
Wood Element
Fire Element
Earth Element
Metal Element
Relationships with Other Elements
A Four Pillar Example
How to Change One's Destiny

Schools of Feng Shui
River Map (He Tu)
Book of Lo (Lo Shu)
Eight House Theory
Applying Your Personal Trigram
Flying Star Theory

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Plot Four Pillar Chart
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