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Twelve Earthly Branches

Yang Water
Pronounced as Zi. Yang Water. Represented by rat.
Yin Earth
Pronounced as Chou. Yin Earth. Represented by ox.
Yang Wood
Pronounced as Yin. Yang Wood. Represented by tiger.
Yin Wood
Pronounced as Mao. Yin Wood. Represented by rabbit.
Yang Earth
Pronounced as Chen.
Yang Earth. Represented by dragon.
Yin Fire
Pronounced as Si. Yin Fire. Represented by snake.
Yang Fire
Pronounced as Wu. Yang Fire. Represented by horse.
Yin Earth
Pronounced as Wei. Yin Earth. Represented by ram (goat).
Yang Metal
Pronounced as Shen. Yang Metal. Represented by monkey.
Yin Metal
Pronounced as You. Yin Metal. Represented by rooster.
Yang Earth
Pronounced as Xu. Yang Earth. Represented by dog.
Yin Water
Pronounced as Hai. Yin Water. Represented by pig.



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Twelve Earthly Branches
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Relationships with Other Elements
A Four Pillar Example
How to Change One's Destiny

Schools of Feng Shui
River Map (He Tu)
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Eight House Theory
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